Royaljeet Loyalty Program-Jeet privilege:

The Royaljeet is the India best online Casino program for the betting & playing Games. The players can bet on the game and can win huge amount of money through betting. The Casino game is gaining very much popularity in India and is one of the better way to earn money and grow rich by playing games online.

Information about the Jeet privilege program:

The user has to register their account in Jeet privilege and the user gets allotted to Bronze medal. Gradually when the user plays and adds money to the game the categories go on increasing and the user gets upgraded to higher version of category and thus can gain higher benefits through upgradation.

Following are the categories of the Privilege program:

• Bronze category- The bronze tier is automatically generated ones to the user. Which has a lower or almost nil benefit.

• Silver category- The silver category is the next upgraded category at the upgraded level through which the user gets Rs.2 for every 100 loyalty points. And also gains 15% bonus loyalty points for being at silver category.

• Gold category- Gold is third level category in which the user gets higher reward value at Rs.2.5 for every 100 points gained. And can also gain 25% higher loyalty points on the upgradation.

• Pearl category- In this category 100 loyal points value is Rs.3.33 and gets rewarded 35% bonus points for the upgradation. Also there are additional benefits like faster withdrawals, exclusive customer care support number & exclusive VIP lucky draw benefit.

• Ruby- Ruby category is the one in which the customer gets value redemption of Rs.5 for every 100 points gained. Also 45% extra loyalty points are issued to the user which can be redeemed by the user. Also there are higher benefits like faster withdrawals, exclusive support number, exclusive VIP lucky draw, VIP support manager and also early cashbacks. Thus this version is of a added benefit to the user

• Kohinoor- This is the highest version of the privilege program for which the user gets highest rewarded benefit. For every 100 loyalty points the user gets Rs.10 for the redemption. Also the user gets 60% loyalty points for redemption. Also there are larger benefits like the faster withdrawals, exclusive support number, exclusive VIP lucky draw, exclusive VIP support manager, early cashbacks & customized vacation trip. The Kohinoor category yields the best returns and is amongst the highest rated category for the Casino players. The benefit of customized trip is a kind of direct benefit which the customer gets as an extra benefit beyond the cashback and extra points redemption privilege benefit.


Following are the requirements for the upgradation of privilege points:

Kolkata Knight Riders - KKR players
Jeet privilege tier Tier upgrade points Tier maintenance points
Bronze 2500 No criteria
Silver 25,000 Min-10,000 points/Month
Gold 1,50,000 Min-13,000 points/Month
Pearl 3,00,000 Min-18,000 points/Month
Ruby 5,00,000 Min-25,000 points/Month
Kohinoor 7,75,000 Min-35,000 points/Month

The higher the usage higher is the points which the user gets in case of the Casino loyalty points and higher the customer can benefit out of it.