What is handicap betting in e-sport?

A numerical value subtracted or added from the final result of a team or a player is called a handicap.

In Handicap betting, the ‘handicap’ is an advantage, or disadvantage, that the bookmarker gives to a team virtually before the start of playing online casino game. The aim of this type of bet is to give the bettors a market that will make the perceived chances of a team winning more equal.

When a team seems stronger than their opponent, a negative handicap is given, represented by the negative symbol; on the other end, the weaker team will be given a positive handicap, represented by the positive symbol.

Whether you are betting on CSGO, Dota 2, or any other game, you will encounter handicap bets. This type of betting simply means that before the game starts, you give or take round wins to one of the teams involved, making the odds closer and more fun to wager on. Betting in Esports uses an Asian handicap that will typically revolve around map count. The handicap bet will give or take a map from a team, resulting in closer odds. It is helpful when a team is expected to win.

In Asian handicap betting, it removes the tie result. When there is a standard bet chance of outcome becomes 33%. If we remove the tie, then there will be only two betting options left, so you will have a 50% chance of winning.

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The underdog will start the game with a fraction of a round which will be already in their favor. If Team A is playing against Team B and Team A is expected to lose, then Team A may start with a +1.5 map count in a Best of 3 series, which means that Team A will have to only win 1round to win the +1.5 bet.

Let’s see some pros and cons of this betting. Handicap betting is beneficial when a winner is evident in a match.

The pros of this are that removing the possibility of a tie will increase the odds of winning. You can still win even if the chosen team you bet on loses the game, depending on the type of handicap.

Favourable odds can be improved even more.

There are some cons to betting as well; they can sometimes become more challenging to understand.
Better odds can be provided by fixed odds when you bet on an underdog compared to a handicap bet.

In conclusion, handicap bets can become a positive asset if used correctly. They may seem confusing initially, but after a couple of chances, it will all be easy to understand.