What is a Poker Solver, and Should You Use One?

A solver is powerful poker software that calculates 'optimal' strategies (called solutions) for user-inputted situations. The most used solvers include PioSolver, GTO+ ​​, and Simple Postflop.

Solvers have changed the game since becoming commercially available in 2015, significantly increasing the quality of play. A poker solver is a type of calculator that can generate "GTO" (Game Theory Optimal) strategies for playing poker. Solver is currently extremely popular among online poker games players and is available for purchase online. A system requirement for running a poker solver are relatively minimal. Most modern home computers will have enough system resources to create GTO strategies using a poker solver.

online poker etiquette fails to avoid

How to play poker online for real money :

Poker is an incredibly popular game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. Although each variation has its own rules, the basics of the game are always the same. All you have to do is master the rules - then you can start developing your winning strategy!

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Poker solver:

The steps to use a poker solver may vary slightly depending on the software. But the basic process remains the same: Create a Game Tree (see What is a Game Tree below). Input ranges for the players involved (see Selecting Ranges for Solutions below).

Run the solution and explore the results (see Using Solver Output below). It's not that hard to get up and running with our first solution. Ultimately, skills include creating logical game trees, selecting logical ranges, and interpreting the output in a relevant way. Advanced poker players sometimes use a solver feature known as 'scripting' to line up lists of related poker solves.

How A poker Solver Works:

● Each player's preflop range

● Bet size options

● Increase size option

● Effective stack size

● container size

● Donking/leading prospects

These inputs make the strategic output of a solver quite abstract. In a real game of No Limit Hold'em, you probably won't know your opp0onent's exact preflop range. You also don't have such a limited number of bet/size options, and leading is always an option. And yet, the solver bases output on this constraint.

Should we use a poker solver?

Using a poker solver will most likely hurt your results at micro stakes. Using a poker solver may harm your results. Poker solvers are all the rage these days. If you've never heard of a poker solver before, it's a computer program that helps you find the optimal GTO or "game theory optimal" game. This allows you to balance your range in every situation and become a non-exploitable player. Unfortunately, this doesn't work that well in reality for most poker players.

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Solvers can destroy the online poker ecosystem in three ways. They scare fish, make sharks eat faster, and turn some fish into sharks. It can destroy our ecosystem very quickly.

When you write about a problem, you always try to include some thoughts on solutions. But this one is tough. COVID-19 will continue to plague live games for at least a little longer.

Some live poker rooms will not reopen. You have no idea how online poker sites would prevent players from using solvers. Weknoww that operators have a big challenge with gaming integrity teams. The only poker games that can grow in popularity are unregulated home games. Live poker tournaments will likely recover more quickly than cash games. People love to play them, and in the past month or two, there have been some big fields at events in the Midwestern United States and other parts of the country and the world. It is debatable whether it's smart to play a live tournament right now, but the field size shows that people are willing to do it.

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