What Is a Good RTP for Online Casino Games?

Return to Player or RTP is a fictitious percentage of your total profits that you will eventually receive once more. It is the exact opposite of a house and aids in determining if a specific game can be profitable over time. Are you aware of the good RTP percentages for online casino games? What's more important, do you know the advantages and disadvantages of high RTP in online casino games?

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Whу Play Games Wіth A Hіgh RTP?

The main advantage of a high return on investment games is better long-term potential (RTP). Long-term, a higher repayment percentage indicates a better win. The biggest disadvantage is that high return-to-player (RTP) online casino games occasionally fail to meet the criteria for the delivery of online bonuses. The games with the greatest RTP should logically always be your first choice because they provide you with the finest long-term returns.

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What Is Considered A Good Rtp For Online Casino Games?

Every variant of every casino game has a unique RTP percentage. Even different bets can affect a game's estimated return on investment.


Depending on the type of lock a player plays, the RTP for slots might vary dramatically. However, the industry RTP for online slots ranges from 95% to 97%. Additionally, it's simple to locate a small number of Australian pokies, some of which have RTP percentages as high as 99%. However, every castle with an RTP of 97% is considered very good in this aspect.

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Online blackjack typically has a 99.5% RTP. Every aspect of this game is therefore considered to have a high return on investment. Due to the several blackjack variants, the maximum RTP depends on the particular rules. The RTP changes from game to game as well.


There are multiple roulette variations with different RTP percentages. The two most notable varieties of the roulette of online casino games are European RTP of 97.3% and American roulette RTP of 94.74%.

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Video poker

Online video poker games have some of the greatest return-to-player (RTP) percentages. An RTP of 98% separates online video poker games with good payouts from those with bad payouts.


Craps is more of a live casino game.You can expect RTP percentages of up to 99.5% if you only place the Pass line and don't exist. Additionally, several other craps wagers have an RTP of between 87% and 98%.

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In baccarat, the Player's choice of the table significantly impacts the RTP %. More specifically, the RTPs for the Banker and Player bets is 98.94%, 98.76%, and roughly. 85.64%. In this respect, the first two bets provide a good RTP, while the third must be avoided.


If you prefer playing online casino games with high RTP percentages, you should avoid playing keno entirely. In Particular, Keno often has an RTP between 70% and 90%.

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