Top 10 Teen Patti Variations To Multiply The Fun

There are numerous varieties of Teen Patti that you can play if you wish to experiment with some changes in the game. But first, make sure you are familiar with the fundamental guidelines and how to play the traditional online Teen Patti game. Only when you have mastered the classic game version should you attempt the many game versions.

The following is a list of the 10 most recent variations of Teen Patti.

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Teen Patti variations with Jokers

One of the greatest Teen Patti ripoffs ever is Auction Auction. At the beginning of each game, three cards are dealt to each player. One of these, the Joker, is still open, while two of them are upside down. You can place a bet with an open card as a Joker to bid for a game unless you feel you have a powerful hand. The procedure is carried out once again until each game has been purchased. The game resumes using the standard Teen Patti rule when the auction "closes."

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Joker Hunt

This is one of the popular Teen Patti variants that are most similar to the poker game since it allows players to discard cards. A fixed number of cards are displayed face-up once you've received your three cards. The number of cards the dealer must open is equal to the number of players plus three. In a game with four participants, the dealer will deal with 11 cards (4 x 2 + 3). In exchange for a card that has been revealed, you can discard one of your cards.

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Pack Jack

Three joker cards are dealt to each player face-up on the board. When you fold or pack in the game, the three existing joker cards on the table are replaced by your cards to create three new joker cards.

King Little

This version of Teen Patti has joker Kings. Each player also receives three cards, the smallest of which serves as the Joker.

Variations of Teen Patti with Different Hand Rankings


The hand that is closest to 999 at the end of the game wins in this popular Teen Patti variation. In this game, all of the cards' values, from 2 to 9, are the same as in the classic Teen Patti, while all face cards, except the Ace, are worth one. To win the game, you must score as close to 999 as possible.


In this game variation, the player who has the weakest hand wins. In a showdown, for instance, if two players each have a pair of Queens and a pair of 6s, the pair of 6s prevails.

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Odd Sequence

In traditional Teen Patti, you create a sequence with cards that come after each other, such as J-Q-K. But in this particular Teen Patti variant, additional cards, such as 9-J-K, are needed to complete a sequence.

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Variations of Teen Patti with Additional Gameplay Changes

Cards Open

Two face-up cards and one face-down card are dealt to each participant in this game. Based on the third card, you will choose your stake and your next course of action. Additionally, none of the players can choose to play blind.

Discard One

The dealer deals four cards in this Teen Patti variant as opposed to three. The next step is to select the top three cards in your hand, discard the fourth, and move on. In this variation, all players have seen their cards. In this version of the game, all other Teen Patti rules are unaltered.


We anticipate that this post will educate you on many Teen Patti strategies. Try playing the aforementioned variations on Royaljeet to make the game more thrilling and enjoyable.