How To Play Online Sic Bo game in India?

Live Sic bo is a fun game, which is why it's so popular among Indian live casino gamblers. Three dice are placed in a tiny dome-shaped container with an electrical trigger attached to it. When a live casino trigger is pressed, the three dice begin to roll. After that, Sic bo participants must wager on the outcome of the dice.

Sic bo is a pure chance game. Players wager on the outcome of the dice. Dealers utilize an automated system to roll the dice in some versions of the game.

Other live dice game providers, on the other hand, use a more conventional approach. Alternatively, a dealer tosses the die in a small flask-like container before releasing them onto the table.

Options for Betting

You might be a little taken aback by what you see. This is most definitely the case for unskilled Sic bo players. Unlike Jhandi Munda as well as other dice games, there are a lot more betting alternatives in online Sic bo:

Bets on Numbers

Players can wager on any of the dice's six numbers. Number bets are comparable to Jhandi Munda, however, the dice feature numbers rather than crowns and stars. The following results are used to determine payouts:- You get rewarded an even amount on your stake if you strike one of its numbers on the three dice. If the number you bet on comes up twice or three times, you will be rewarded 2:1 and 3:1, accordingly.

-If you hit all three of your number bets, you will be paid out 1:1 on each wager.
-Another option is to gamble on two numbers individually and have them both land on the three dice. You would be paid 1:1 on one bet and 2:1 on a number bet that landed on two dice in this scenario.

Basic Sic Bo Strategy in Real-Time

In all games, you have numerous betting alternatives. Experienced players may choose a higher-risk betting strategy, whilst newcomers should start with a lower-risk strategy. The more you play online Sic Bo and other dice games, the more used you grow to how the games function.


In gambling, if a betting choice contains a lot of different outcomes, the risk is higher, but the profit is also bigger. Only gamble on digits and hi-lo bets if you want to take a low-risk strategy to online dice games. When it comes to hi-lo bets, you have a nearly 40% chance of winning at even money.

Risky Situation

More experienced players would often wager on higher-paying wagers. Professional gamers will spread their bets throughout the board, betting on a variety of choices in order to cover their previous bets.


Sic Bo is a casino game that doesn't get nearly as much attention as it deserves. It's a basic dice game called Sic Bo in Chinese, which translates to "a pair of dice or jewel dice." Sic Bo is accessible in most casinos, but RoyalJeet, India's top online casino, must feature it in order to be dubbed the best.