Royaljeet refer a friend bonus

Royaljeet is one of the famous and trusted players amongst the online lottery games players. The users can bet on money for playing of games and thus the users can get it transferred into the bank account which help users gain additional income. Royaljeet has various card & dice games which the users can play and try their luck for the winning purpose. The user should be cautious while adding money on the platform as excessive betting can even cause loss of money sometimes. Thus users should play a safe game and thus can gain considerable amount of money. There are various ways in which the users can gain benefits like extra loyalty programs through referrals and also by upgrading by gaining extra points.

Steps to refer for the online Casino:

• Register an account with the Royaljeet.

• Share referrals to the friends through various online messengers or social media platforms like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp messenger and also through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snapchat or linkedin.

• After sharing the referrals ask the new user to add the referral code while creating an account.

• There is a minimum amount required for the addition of funds is Rs.5,000 which the users need to add into the account, thus the referral person can earn a bonus amount of Rs.300 which gets credited in the users account and can be redeemed by the user into their bank account.

• The users can get unlimited bonus amount on gaining maximum users through network marketing or say chain marketing. The users are rewarded without any capping on the maximum amount which can be earned by the user. Thus referral bonus is another type of benefit which the user can gain through the referrals along with playing games and also along with the additional referral points gained through upgradation of category from Bronze to Kohinoor category.

Terms & conditions for referral bonus:

• There should not be any fake creation of accounts for the redemption of bonus referral amount. Fraudulent and suspicious activities can lead to cancellation of accounts.

• Referral code should be mandatorily be added to the users account while activating the account.

• The user should become active within 30 days from the date of the account creation.

• Minimum referral amount to be added should be Rs.5000 to earn referral bonus.

• Only one account can be created per user. And also there should not be activation of fake users during account creation.

• The players should agree to the terms & conditions of the Royaljeet.

• The users should be aware about the risks involved in case of losing money and the returns are not guaranteed. Thus in case of the loss being occurred the users may have to suffer loss and Royaljeet Casino is not responsible for any losses.

• There is no capping on the number of people who can gain referrals through one single user. Multiple reward amount can be gained multiple times by the users for the referrals made to the genuine accounts.



Thus the users can multiple payment methods which the user can make payment and thus start playing the games and win exiting reward points which can be redeemed with the amount depending upon the users category of users. Higher the category higher is the amount for redemption on per 100 points.