Our Favorite Poker Players to Follow on Twitter

There are a lot of huge poker players on social media platforms that you can follow like Twitter. You may want to follow your favourite poker players and websites on Twitter to always know what is happening as going on and keep yourself updated on every step of the poker game. It can help you to know who is at the top, how they play, and their strategies and plans. It can be a good way to keep yourself passionate and motivated toward poker if you want to become a pro player like your favourite top players. Knowing their every move on social media could help make you better at it.

Here are some of the top poker games players who are most followed on Twitter that you might want to follow.

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Best Online Poker Players to Follow on Twitter

1. Daniel Negreanu Handle: He goes on Twitter by @realkidpoker Adherents and has over 480,661 followers being the most followed poker player on Twitter. His perspectives on Twitter quite often start a conversation, making him an engaging player to follow on the web-based stage. "DNegs" likes to share his considerations on poker as well as on legislative issues and carrying on with a solid way of life. The previous all-time cash list pioneer additionally posts a few significant declarations on Twitter concerning his poker profession.

2. Phil Ivey: He goes on Twitter by @philivey, having over 441,195. Discussions appear to keep on pursuing Phil Ivey these days yet the American poker genius will stay a poker legend according to his dedicated fans. The 10-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) wristband champ as of now has Twitter supporters generally anxious to get refreshes on his expert and, surprisingly, individual life. His story is set to highlight in an impending film about the existence of his edge-arranging accomplice Cheung Yin "Kelly" Sun.

3. Doyle Brunson: Goes on Twitter by @texdolly and has 397,452 followers. Doyle Brunson may have already retired from playing poker professionally, though he keeps his Twitter followers entertained by often sharing WSOP anecdotes. The 86-year-old is considered a living legend, with 10 a Poker Hall of Fame honour and WSOP bracelets to his name. Follow him on Twitter and get to know his thoughts on current politics and events, alongside his other interests apart from poker

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4. Phil Hellmuth: Who goes by @phil_hellmuth on Twitter and has 283,590 followers. Phil Hellmuth is nicknamed "The Poker Brat" for his way of behaving at the poker tables particularly while taking terrible beats, however, he is unquestionably one of the most outstanding poker players on the planet, holding the record for most WSOP changes out and armbands (15) won. The American poker expert likewise shows only "energy" on his Twitter account. He frequently shares his good way of life on and off the field with his 283,000 supporters.

5. Tom Dwan: He goes on Twitter by @tomdwan Adherents and has over 164,165 followers being the 5th most followed poker player on Twitter. He became famous during the web-based poker blast, having accomplished whiz status for his fantastic runs in the most elevated stakes no-restriction Hold'em and pot-limit Omaha games on the now-outdated internet-based poker webpage Full Tilt. He additionally has had very great exhibitions at the live felts, with more than $3,300,000 in profit. Dwan keeps on dazzling the present age of poker fans and lovers.

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You can follow all your favorite poker players on Twitter along with a top poker website, Royaljeet, and get all the exciting and necessary updates on casino games and know about all the poker rules and other updates as well.