Is online games a viable way to make money online?


Online gaming has emerged as one of the ways to make easy real money online. It is fun and entertaining. Some people have been seen playing them even when waiting for a stop light. So here are some ways by which you can make money online just by sitting in your comfort. Some people have doubts regarding the credibility of online games. But the truth is that they pay and transfer cash into one’s wallet. A wide range of online games, viz. Alive games, sponsoring, tournaments to slot games, have awarded massive cash prizes to punters requiring you to invest a certain amount first.

Online Games that Really Pay

The online games that have given cash prizes to players are word games, strategy games, fighting games, arcade games, slot games with RNGs, casino games, poker, card games, and many more games. The way to get paid is to go for a suitable game and choose viable platforms. Most online games give you tokens but do not provide a way to turn them into real cash. Now the question arises, why would anyone pay you to play online games? The simple answer to this is that the gaming industry always wants more people to join the games and play, even if they are professional players or amateurs.

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Types of Games that pay real money

Online games that pay you require you to farm out the opponents and level up. The more you level up, the greater will be your winning prize. Online slot machines also help earn money and are available both on mobile applications and websites. Most of them need of you to sign up first and deposit some money to play online. About 8 % of smartphone users indulge in online gaming. Yet it is dicey to find out money-making games on mobile. Google limits access to real money-making apps online; the Apple store doesn’t show any rating for these apps.

How do Games Pay Out?

Always check the rules because every gaming site has different criteria to provide real money.

1. Always check the Payment methods. These games offer you gift cards, online currency, prepaid credit cards, or a check.
2. Then look for the payment schedules. Some sites pay whenever you request them. Some payout weekly or monthly, while others require you to deposit before withdrawing.


a highly recommended gaming platform is royaljeet. It is an Indian gaming platform and accepts Indian currency as a deposit. It offers 3500+ online games which can pay out real cash. Besides having exciting games, it gives a 100 % bonus on your first deposit. It gives free registration. It has one million-plus player who makes money daily. After registering on royaljeet, you will have to give a minimum of Rs. 2 as a deposit to play in; the maximum amount depends on you.

Royaljeet offers exciting games such as Teen Patti, Roulette, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, Dragon and Tiger, Sic Bo, etc. At Royaljeet, there are several payment options, like bank transfer, Google Pay, PayPal, and many more. It is easy to withdraw the amount at royaljeet. It is also a safe platform and comes both in mobile application and website form.

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Online gaming is one of the easiest platforms to make money via your gaming skills. All you need to be careful of is the rules each game follows and their payout methods. At royaljeet, there are high chances of winning real money as it offers multiple games for you to choose from and is a trusted gaming platform.