How much do online gambling streamers make?

Gambling streaming is challenging since you must captivate the audience and keep them watching boring, repetitive acts for hours. Due to this, only a select few may profit significantly from casino broadcasts.


Average income of gambling streamers

This all depends on your audience size. Some stream Affiliate status for online casinos in India comes with the following requirements:
• At least 500 minutes in total have been broadcast during the previous 30 days.
• At least seven distinct broadcast days during the previous 30 days
• An average rate of 3 concurrent viewers or more during the last 30 days
• At least 50 Followers
• Stream for 25 hours
• Stream on 12 different days
• Average of 75 viewers

The essential factor is the number of views on your videos; your community's expansion determines revenue. Lower-end streamers in Indian online casinos typically make between 4000 INR and 100000 INR per month. These streamers often make an average of 200000 INR a month through subscriptions, contributions, and advertising if you're an Affiliate or Partner.

Celebrities who stream, and these are the people who do it full-time. They broadcast content for at least 40 hours a week and continually develop and interact with their communities. When all the ways they may make money are added together, it comes to between 240000 INR and 45,00000 monthly. These might be individual streamers or a community of streamers who share and develop a channel.

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Gambling streamer's source of income

Diversifying a streamer's revenue is one of the keys to increasing it. As already stated, there is no standard wage for streamers. Therefore, if you have one source of income and it has a bad month, you can find yourself in a tough place. Thankfully, there are other methods for streamers to generate money, and each one may involve a different level of time or effort.

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Most individuals are aware that membership costs 200- 400 INR each month. Typically, streamers get paid around half of the membership fee, which is 150 for Tier 1 subscribers. According to some fast arithmetic, if you have 1000 Tier 1 members in a month, you will likely make close to 200000 only from that one source. However, if some or many customers choose not to renew the subscription, it's conceivable to have one fantastic month followed by several awful ones.

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The size of the crowd and the viewers' generosity within the allotted period determine how much they get. Not everyone can achieve the levels attained by certain broadcasters, who might get thousands of dollars in contributions from a single stream.


Short-term or long-term brand agreements may be a terrific method for streamers to earn extra money. It's not always simple, though, to find businesses willing to partner with you, especially if you aren't yet a big name. You not only gain access to many unique chances that you may not have otherwise, but you also save a lot of time in the process.


Running advertisements on your broadcast is an additional option to make money. Although it is negotiable with more well-known streamers, it typically takes 50% of the advertising income.

The platform determines the streamer's earnings using a CPM measure, or cost per mile (1,000 viewers). However, many of your viewers could use ad-blocking browser extensions like AdBlock, which will reduce the reach and visibility of the advertising and, consequently, the amount of money you can make from them.

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About gambling streamers

A gaming streamer is a person who broadcasts themselves while playing video games in real-time. Here, we will rank the top gaming streamers in India using web resources like YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Loco. This List is compiled not just based on the number of subscribers but also on the streamer's overall popularity and contribution to the Indian gaming community.

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