Complete Guide to Play Fan Tan Online Card Game

Many Westerners are unfamiliar with the game Fan Tan. It has, nevertheless, been widespread in Chinese gambling establishments since the Qing Dynasty in the fourth century.

Over the ages, Fan Tan has increased in popularity and is now found at various Asian casinos. Its way of employing a cup, wand, and white buttons, which is somewhat different from other casino classics, makes for distinctive gameplay.

This guide will demonstrate how to play games.

Fan Tan Fundamentals

The dealer's portion has a plastic dome, and the game is played on a big table. Hundreds of tiny white buttons are hidden behind this dome.

Meanwhile, each player has a little betting station on the outside half of the table. A Fan Tan table may accommodate anywhere from four to eight gamblers.

After that, players must pick from various wagers (explained later). When the betting round is ended, the dealer raises the cup and divides the buttons into groups of four using a wand.

The amount of buttons in the last group determines the outcome of the bet. This number will range from one to four.

Fan Tan Techniques

Here's a quick rundown about how to enjoy this game:

• The dealer raises the plastic dome and removes around 50-70 keys from the pile with a cup.

• Players will wager on the number of buttons on the last row.

• The dealer raises the cup and begins sorting the buttons into four groups with a wand.

• The amount of buttons in the last group (1, 2, 3, or 4) determines the outcome of the bet.

• After deducting a 5% fee from all winnings, the dealer pays the winners. The commission does not cover pushes.

Fan Tan is a free and real money online game.

Because playing a new match for the first time might be intimidating, many players choose to play for free while learning the game fan tan. The problem is, it's one of the most uncomplicated games you'll ever play! If you're still undecided, it's good to try out free fan tan web before committing to real money.


It's possible that Fan Tan isn't offered at all casinos. Nonetheless, it's an excellent game because of its unusual architecture and gameplay.

The combination of buttons, a cup, and a wand are unlike anything else in the casino. Fortunately, you won't have to spend much time getting used to the rules and setup. You can now enjoy this game with Royaljeet and spend your time.